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In 2017 4 European experts came to the conclusion that the quality of the knowledge and competence in the sector of playground equipment was unfortunately insuficient. With their experience as experts within CEN TC136 SC1 and ISO TC83/WG8 the only conclusion they could make was that there was need for a network of professionals all striving at the highest possible level of knowledge and competence.
TECCP aims at being the knowledge and competence hub for these playground professionals. Instead of being a copy of other “accreditation”, “certification” or “training” institutes in the market, TECCP is not selling certificates but is providing correct information in different formats.

Who we are

The founding members of TECCP are all experts in play. But above all they have been key initiators, inspirators and motivators in the proces of drafting the EN TR17207 document “The competence of playground inspectors”. It is no wonder that the same document is the core value of The European competence centre for playground professionals.

Koen De Maertelaere

Koen De Maertelaere

Koen is an acclaimed expert .

In 2016 he received the award presented by in the SME category as most valuable expert.

Discover the CV of Koen

Koen has been active in the world of play since 2001.

During his + 20 year active career, he inspected more than 20,000 playgrounds and more than 120,000 playground equipment. In addition, he also certified more than 700 custom installations, including more than 100 green playgrounds at schools throughout Europe.

During his active career as an inspector, more than 700 inspectors have followed his “risk analysis” training

In addition, Koen has campaigned for standardization through:

CENTC136 SC1 Expert / Delegation Leader for Belgium

Active member since 2007

Presidencies of, among others, :

• Revision of EN1176-7
• CEN TR17207 Framework for the competence of playground inspectors
• EN1177 (Interim Presidency)

ISO TC83 WG8 playground equipment
Expert for Belgium

We are different!

If you would doubt it, YES WE ARE DIFFERENT !!

For us challenging play is a passion.
Ànd passion is the distinction between “just” doing and excelling.
We live, breathe, eat and sleep challenging play.

The founding members are for a minimum of 3 months a year traveling the world to attend and contribute to European and International standardisation committees.

They all are still active inspectors while training other inspectors.

Our DNA is PLAY!


We care about challenging play


Support for our partners is only a question away


Being a partner of the ECCP family is added value for the partner and their customers

Our Services

TECCP aims at being the knowledge and competence hub for playground professionals. Instead of being a copy of other “accreditation”, “certification” or “training” institutes in the market, TECCP is not selling certificates but is providing correct information in different formats. 

The formats can be training, consulting or providing valuable unbiased independent third opinions.

High quality trainings

Trainings allows people to acquire knowledge that has been “tested” in real life. You can see it as a shortcut to more competence. To achieve this shortcut the training needs to be of a high-quality content and the lecturer must be able to transfer the content in a tangible manner.

All lecturers of TECCP are top in their knowledge field. They know better than anyone else how to provide you with the knowledge and to stimulate your enthusiasm.

Learning is so much more than absorbing the subject matter. Learning is like allowing to encounter challenging play. Learn through play…..

Unbiased advice is hard to find. Everyone is one way or another related to a commercial objective. That is why TECCP is fully committed to provide honest independent support. Whether it is about a project or a second opinion, the children are the center of attention for TECCP. Being a owner/operator, designer, inspector, government or researcher, TECCP is always on the lookout for maximum play opportunities within the comfort zone of all parties involved.


Expert auditoring

In the quest for reliable inspections or certifications, the accreditation institutes struggle with the complexity of auditing commercial inspection and certification companies. The complex level of inspections of play environments and play equipment results in the fact that competent auditors are very hard to find. TECCP cooperates with accreditation institutes to raise the audits to an even higher level by providing them with auditors with many years of practical experience. The added value of TECCP auditors has been proven many times in the past. All auditors are up to date with regard to the ISO 17020 and ISO 17025 processes.

TECCP emphasizes that correct information in relation to the EN1176 and EN117 standards is critical. Besides training, consulting and auditing, bringing professionals together in seminars is an additional powerful tool. On a regular basis TECCP is organizing or participating at seminars throughout Europe. Enlist for our quarterly news magazine to stay updated on upcoming seminars.



Play that’s scary funny!!

Play that’s scary funny!!

Play that's Scary Funny! Author: Koen De Maertelaere Reading time 1 min. In preparation of the piece I'm writing, I went through some "old" research reports. It's striking how research work from sometimes more than 15 years ago is still burningly topical! "Scary...


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