Playground accident report

Thank you for taking time to report a playground related incident/accident.
TECCP strives for evidence based safety requirements. The reported data is only used for research to improve the European safety standards in relation to playground equipment.
All gathered information is treated under the GDPR regulation. We do not share any information with other parties. You can find our confidentiality charter on
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If the accident occured to a specific piece of equipment that is part of a greater combination, please select Combination equipment and specify the specific item while describing the accident further down below
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
You can upload a picture, drawing or video from the equipment if you are unsure what type of equipment it is or to emphasize your description of the accident. These pictures or video’s only serves to determine the type of equipment or the accident, not to identify the manufacturer. After we have determined the type of equipment or accident, the file(s) will be deleted from our servers.
If the accident is not accurately determined above, choose the one best describing the situation you can give more details just below.
We will not use your E mail adress for any other purpose than validate your accident data entry or in case you allow us to contact you for more in depth investigation.